Upgrade Your Closet Doors to Give Your Home a Fresh Look

Hey there! Thinking about giving your home a little makeover? One of the easiest ways to do this is by changing up your closet doors. At Riverside Millwork Group, we know how much of a difference this small change can make. Let’s dive into some cool ideas and tips to help you pick the perfect new doors for your closets.

The Latest Trends in Closet Doors

Open Closets for Small Spaces: Got a small room? Open closets better known as wardrobes, can be a game changer. They give off a fancy vibe and work great if you like keeping things tidy. The benefit to these units over an open rack is that they are protecting your clothing from natural light that the windows let in. Additionally, when you inquire with Riverside about a wardrobe unit we custom design it to accommodate your space, and even order in finishes that suit the decor of your space. To top it off, we provide a soft close and better overall quality that the other four-lettered brand we care not to mention.

open closet in small bedroom

Closets That Do More: Why have a closet that’s just for clothes? You can add a desk or a cozy chair to make it a cool spot to hang out or get ready. So if you have a walk-in space for your closet, try to remember that the options are not limited to hanging space and drawer units. While the door to the room can be assessed for upgrades, so can the room within.

closet with make up desk

Natural Wood and Mirrors: Circling back to the doors on the outside of the closet, they don’t have to be the same as every other door to a room and you can consider making them more of a design feature than they presently are. Wooden doors for example, can make your closet feel warm and inviting. And mirrors? They’re always in style, plus they make your room look bigger, and provide that added function of being able to sneak one last peek before you head out the door.

hickory cheyenne closet doorwood mirrored bypass closet doorsmirrored closet doors

Picking the Right Closet Door

What Works for Your Room: Think about how big your room is and how you use your closet before picking out the doors. Maybe sliding doors for saving space, or classic swinging doors? While a classic swinging door is practical for many, in some spaces where it may be close to a bed, or in the example we have here, close to an ensuite door, the sliding closet doors can be much more practical. The material is also important – wood, glass, mirrored – you have to consider what is going around the closet and do you want the closet to blend into the other doors in the space or have it stand out as an accent piece. There really is no wrong answer.

sliding bypass closet doors

Match Your Style: Your closet doors should show off your personal style. Modern and sleek or more traditional – there’s a door style for everyone.

Why Upgrade Your Closet Doors?

Changing your closet doors isn’t just about looking good. It’s about making your space work better for you. New doors can make your room look great, help you stay organized, and make getting to your stuff easier.

closet barn door

Tips for Installing New Doors

Measure First: Before you start, make sure to measure your space right. And get the tools and bits you need ready to go.

Know When to Get Help: If installing new doors feels too tricky, it’s okay to call in the pros. They can make sure everything goes smoothly.

Wrap Up: Let’s Make It Happen!

Ready to change up your closet doors? We at Riverside Millwork Group have got you covered. With lots of styles and options, closet pocket doors, barn doors, french closet doors, bifold doors, bypass doors and double closet doors just to name a few. We’re here to help you make your home look even better. Drop us a line, and let’s turn your ideas into reality.

bifold closet doors french closet doorscloset pocket door

Your home is your special place, and changing your closet doors is a simple way to make it even better. So, go ahead and give it a try! 🏡✨