Stop Ignoring Those Old Baseboards! Let’s Talk Replacing Them

Hey everyone! Let’s chat about baseboards. You know, those strips of wood or MDF that run along the bottom of your walls? They’re like the unsung heroes of your home’s style. At Riverside Millwork Group, we’ve got a bunch of cool options for baseboards that’ll make your rooms pop. So, let’s answer some of your burning questions about baseboards!

What’s Up with Baseboards, Anyway?

Baseboards are there to protect your walls where they meet the floor. But that’s not all – they’re also a secret weapon for making your rooms look extra polished. It’s amazing how something so simple can add so much style! If we did not have these baseboards in our home we would see the gap between our walls and the floor. Whether the floor begins to shift over time or you are updating an older home, baseboards can do a lot to conceal any imperfections in the level of your flooring.

white contemporary baseboard contrasted by a dark blue wall

 Should Baseboards Match Everything Else?

Do your baseboards need to match all the other trim in the room? Well, they don’t have to, but it sure looks nice when they do. It’s like wearing a matching outfit – it just feels right. Even if they’re not identical, having baseboards that get along style-wise with your door frames and other trim is a good move.

 The Best Material for Baseboards

Picking the right material for your baseboards can be a bit of a head-scratcher. We’ve got a few options at Riverside – like oak, poplar, cherry, maple, pine and MDF. Now while we do supply any of those mentioned species, we commonly get orders from finger-joint pine, poplar, and MDF as these are readily available and often times more cost-effective for us to source. Think about what vibe you’re going for and what’s practical for your house. And don’t worry, we’ve got everything covered from matching existing baseboard in heritage homes to bringing modern visions to life because we source from vendors and what we cannot source we manufacture in our London-based mill.

Picking the Perfect Color

White baseboards are a classic – they’re like a crisp, white t-shirt that goes with everything. But hey, don’t be shy to try other colors! Dark floors? Why not consider other neutral alternative colours for a cool contrast? The main thing is to choose a color that looks awesome with the rest of your room.

grey baseboard

Dealing with Wonky Walls

Not all floors are super level, and that can make fitting baseboards a bit tricky. One neat trick is using shoe moulding, which can help hide any gaps between the baseboard and the floor.  A little effort here makes a big difference!

baseboard with shoe moulding

Tips for Installing Baseboards

Putting in baseboards isn’t rocket science, but a few tips can help. If your ceilings are high, consider taller baseboards – they make the room look even better. You can use the “7% rule” to figure out the best height. And for an extra fancy touch, add a little shoe moulding at the bottom.

We’ve got all sorts of styles at Riverside, whether you’re into modern or traditional looks. Our baseboards are not just practical – they’re a stylish addition to any room. If you want to see some samples in person, visit your nearest showroom to see what they look like in person! Check out our galleries to see what we offer and get some inspiration for sprucing up your space!