Custom Closets

From standard closets to custom walk-ins with upgraded doors and luxurious accessories, we can do it all.

custom walk in closet

Custom Closet Solutions

Imagine walking into your closet and seeing everything you need to create the perfect outfit right in front of your eyes. Stop fighting with crammed hanging racks, searching through layers of stacked sweaters, and untangling belts, ties, and necklaces. We can design and install the perfect custom closet to suit your lifestyle.

Riverside Millwork Group’s team will visit your home to take measurements of your space and discuss your design goals. Then, we’ll design a tailored solution with everything you need to make your space functional and beautiful.

woodgrain custom walk in closet

Custom Closet Design

The beauty of custom closets over some of our more standard and basic offerings is that we can turn whatever your inspiration is, into a reality, typically within reason of course. When we create something custom, we first sit down to discuss what your inspiration is. We love to see any images you have gathered from Pinterest, HGTV, Home & Garden, or any other interior design sources you draw from.

The limitations of what we can create will happen when it comes to the materials, we work with here at Riverside Millwork Group. While other cabinetry shops will focus on wood cabinet solutions, we focus on working with Melamine and Thermafoil solutions. These can be sourced in a variety of colours including ones that are made to look like stained wood grain, even boasting textures that give off that appearance. This material can help with adding more dimension to the material without sacrificing the durability of the cabinets.

custom walk in closet with mirrored doors

Custom Walk In Closets

Whether you are becoming empty nesters for the first time and renovating what was previously a bedroom into a closet or moved into a home with a primary bedroom that is a walk in, it is wise to consider custom closet solutions to maximize the space that is being carved our for a walk-in closet. Often times, the off the rack solution will leave space in a walk-in closet that is not utilized to it’s full potential. When you have a more custom solution designed you can incorporate all of the space from the floor to the ceiling for your closet solution.

In addition to incorporating for the space available, having a custom walk-in closet solution designed can help you design it with your wardrobe in mind. Some of us may have floor length gowns we need to make the hanging space for, or a watch and belt collection that cannot simply be thrown into another drawer. Custom closets can be designed with everything from hang lengths, jewelry trays and laundry hampers in mind so that the space is a perfect fit for what you will need each day.

custom built in closet

Custom Built In Closets

Having a closet that not only gets built in your walk-in but is fastened to the wall and made to be an element of the home really sets itself apart from an off the shelf option. Being built into the closet will again maximize the space of the closet, but also create a look that is elevated. Many people are seeking better storage and entering their first experience shopping for a custom built-in closet vs. off the shelf closet organization system. When shopping around, be sure to explore the option of custom as the cost difference for the value it can bring to your home and daily life is often a no brainer for many of our clients who decide to more forward with one.


Our storage solutions don’t end once you’ve determined where everything belongs. We have a large selection of melamine finishes to complete your custom closet and match your style.

Melamine Finishes

Sunday Brunch

Morning Dew

Arctic White

Arctic White

Sunset Cruise

Winter Fun

Tafisa Black Melamine Finish


creme de la creme finish

Crème de la Crème

Ganache finish


After Hours

Après-Ski Finish


Golden Light Finish

Golden Light

Casting At First Light Finish

Casting at First Light

Sunday Stroll Finish

Sunday Stroll

Night Owl Finish

Night Owl

Door Pulls and Knobs

Berenson Epoch Edge Pull

Berenson Epoch Edge Pull

Berenson Hearthstone Pull

Berenson Hearthstone Pull

Berenson Glacier Pull

Berenson Glacier Pull

Berenson Laura Pull

Berenson Laura Pull

Berenson Hearthstone Knob

Berenson Hearthstone Knob

Berenson Muskoka Pull

Berenson Muskoka Pull

Berenson Swagger Pull

Berenson Swagger Pull

Richelieu Metal Pull brushed nickel

Richelieu Metal Pull 7948

Richelieu Modern Glass and Metal Pull

Richelieu Modern Glass & Metal Pull

Richelieu Modern Metal Pull

Richelieu Modern Metal Pull 8160

Richelieu Modern Aluminum Edge Pull

Richelieu Modern Aluminum Edge Pull

Richelieu Modern Metal Pull 873

Richelieu Modern Metal and Aluminum Pull

Richelieu Modern Metal & Aluminum Pull

Richelieu Modern Metal Pull 6500

Richelieu Modern Metal Pull 6500

Richelieu Modern Metal Pull 7470

Richelieu Modern Metal Pull 7470

Closet Accessories

No closet is complete without accessories to keep your items organized and accessible. Our range of custom solutions will make your life much easier.

Wire Basket

Valet Rod

Tie Rack

Shoe Fence

Pull-Out Shelf

Tie Hook

Pull-Out Hamper

Belt Rack

Belt Hook

Wardrobe Tube

Closet Solutions

Choose from a selection of basic, standard, and luxury closet options to fit your style and budget. The Riverside team will work with you to ensure that the measurements and components of your chosen closet solution will fit your needs.

Basic Closet Options

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Standard Closet Options

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Luxury Closet Options

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