Predicted Home Design Trends of 2024

The world of home design is constantly evolving, and as we approach 2024, several trends are set to redefine our living spaces. From a revival of traditional millwork to innovative storage solutions, these trends blend functionality with style, offering a fresh perspective on interior design.

A Revival of Traditional Millwork

Blending Modern and Colonial Styles

In 2024, mixing modern furniture with more traditional trim features in home design is a trend that is gaining popularity, offering a unique blend of contemporary sleekness and traditional elegance. This style combines the simplicity and clean lines of modern design with the intricate details and classic charm of colonial trim and millwork.

Modern home design is all about sleek and minimal styles, and now, it’s getting a twist with some traditional touches. Think of the classic charm of detailed woodwork and trim – they’re making a comeback! These traditional details are more intricate than the clean lines we usually see in modern design. Take a colonial-style baseboard, for instance. It’s rich in detail and when you pair it with contemporary furniture and colors, it creates an eye-catching mix. This blend of old and new doesn’t just look great; it also adds a unique, personal touch to your space.

In a recent makeover, a homeowner mixed this up beautifully. They kept the cozy, traditional vibe in their addition to their over 100-year-old farm house with a classic fireplace and ceiling features with simple furniture. To blend the traditional and the modern, they chose windows and trim with sleek, contemporary lines. This mix balances the home’s original charm with a fresh, modern look.

The Rising Popularity of Traditional Baseboards and Casing

Traditional millwork, such as enhanced baseboards and casing, is making a significant comeback. These elements add a touch of classic sophistication to any space, reminiscent of the exquisite craftsmanship of the past. In more traditional millwork we see more lines and grooves in the trim to create a more engaging appearance around the room. This blends well with either traditional or ultra-modern furniture. That way when the furniture presents clean lines and the millwork provides more details, we get a contrast in design to provide a more enhanced high end finish to the appearance of the home.

classic traditional baseboard and casing

Emerging Trends in Door Design

The Warmth of Wood Doors

With white walls dominating the interior design landscape, the contrasting warmth of wood doors is increasingly sought after. When trim and walls are all painted varying colours of white, and more kitchens and cabinetry follow suit, designers and homeowners are looking for something in the home to provide a  These doors provide a cozy, inviting feel to homes, creating a stunning visual contrast to the white walls throughout most homes we tour.

solid wood doors with matte black door knobs

Stylish Alternatives: Gray and Black Doors

Now while wood doors boost many benefits including increased quality and aesthetic value, we recognize they may not be in everyone’s budget. So for those hesitant to invest in wood doors, gray and black doors offer a chic, versatile alternative. These colors complement a wide range of palettes, adding depth and character to interiors. And if a more brown tone is better with your flooring and wall colour, know that no colour is off the table as there are many darker neutrals that could provide a solution.

grey doorblack interior doors

Minimalism Meets Elegance: The Rise of Panel Moulding

Adding Character to Clean Spaces

In an era where minimalism reigns, panel moulding is gaining popularity as a way to add interest to otherwise clean, unadorned walls. This trend allows homeowners to maintain a minimalist aesthetic while infusing their spaces with visual interest. Most often we see this panel moulding featured near staircases, in living rooms behind walls backed by couches, or in bedrooms along the wall the headboard is aligned against. These provide an alternative to hanging art that could become outdated over time, or make the space busier than the homeowner wants it to be.

Panel Moulding along staircase

The Coffered Ceiling

Bringing Depth and Dimension to Your Home

Coffered ceilings are making a grand return for years now, offering a way to add architectural interest and dimension to rooms. These ceilings create an illusion of space and grandeur, enhancing the overall aesthetic of any room. It is also a way to define a space in a more open-concept floor plan. So whether it is a recreational living room or a formal dining room, consider how a coffered ceiling could define a space and take it to the next level. A detail we are confident any guest will notice.

coffered ceiling oak coffered ceiling dining room coffered ceiling

Prioritizing Organization: Innovative Storage Solutions

Riverside Closets: Merging Functionality and Aesthetics

In 2024, home design trends are placing a significant emphasis on organization and decluttering, with innovative solutions like Riverside closets leading the way. These storage solutions are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, seamlessly integrating into the overall design of a home. The trend towards decluttering and minimalism is driven by the desire to create calming and serene living spaces, where each piece of furniture or decor is carefully chosen for its quality, functionality, and the value it adds to the space. This approach helps in reducing the stress and frustration that often accompany cluttered and disorganized environments.

Riverside Closetwalk in closetluxury walk in closet

Mudrooms: A Families Everyday Essential

Mudrooms have become essential for modern homes, offering efficient and stylish ways to organize everyday items. These features are increasingly being integrated into home designs for their practicality and visual appeal. Taking the space off the garage entrance and converting it into a place to unpack after a long day.

mudroom storage lockers in custom house built inmudroom cabinets

Custom Built-ins

Many people are spending lots of time in their recreational living rooms. Focused on unwinding from the day and enjoying the latest episode of their favourite series. But if we only have a TV mounted on the wall, often we can be underutilizing the space next to the TV. Hence the emerging requests for custom built-ins around TVs and fireplaces. These built-ins have been around for many years, and with more modern finishes, these built-ins are having their moment in home decor in 2024.

fireplace built in

Colour Trends: Beyond White Walls

Exploring Colour Contrasts and Textures

While white walls remain popular, there’s a growing interest in experimenting with colour contrasts and textures. This trend allows for more personalized and dynamic interior spaces, breaking the monotony of monochromatic schemes.


As we look ahead to 2024, the landscape of home design presents a captivating blend of traditional charm and modern innovation. This year, we’re not just seeing a resurgence of timeless elements like the cozy warmth of wood doors and the sophisticated elegance of coffered ceilings; there’s also a strong focus on functionality and personalization. A standout trend is the emphasis on decluttering and smart storage solutions. Concepts like Riverside closets and thoughtfully designed mudrooms are redefining how we organize our homes. These aren’t just about storing items away; they’re about creating serene, clutter-free spaces that enhance our daily living experience. In essence, the home design trends of 2024 are about crafting spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also deeply attuned to our needs for simplicity, order, and a touch of personal flair.


  1. What is the main characteristic of the 2024 home design trend?

    • The 2024 trend is characterized by a blend of traditional and modern elements, emphasizing elegance, minimalism, and functionality.
  2. Can traditional millwork fit into a modern home design?

    • Absolutely. Traditional millwork can be seamlessly integrated into modern designs, offering a timeless appeal.
  3. Are wood doors a sustainable option for home design?

    • Wood doors are indeed a sustainable option for home design when they are sourced responsibly, as evidenced by Riverside’s commitment to using lumber from FSC Certified sources like Weston Premium Woods. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification is crucial because it ensures that the wood is harvested from forests managed with long-term sustainability in mind. This approach not only reduces the environmental impact but also supports responsible forestry practices.