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How To Determine What Way Your Door Swings

If you’re looking at placing an order for doors, you will always be asked by a Riverside Millwork Group sales rep to let us know which way the door is intended to swing. Once we know what way the door swings, it means we can machine the door you have ordered so that the hinges will line up with the doorway’s hinges. As broken down in this video, we have a simple way for you to determine which way your door swings because odds are, if you think it swings one way based on how you open the door, there is a 50/50 chance you have the wrong answer.

How to test what way your door swings:
Step 1: Open the door
Step 2: Turn your back to the side with the hinges
Step 3: Whichever hand is closest to the door itself (Right vs. Left) is the way your door swings

How to Measure Baseboards

So you decided to update those baseboards at long last? Whether it was new flooring or a whole floor makeover that caused the decision, we are here to walk you through how to measure for the quantity of baseboard you require, because this is one DIY project, we can all do!

How to Measure the Quantity of Baseboard You Require
Step 1: Find a measurement tool, whether it is a wheel or a traditional tape measure, both will give you the same result
Step 2: Begin measuring the foot of each wall where the baseboard will go
Step 3: Add up all wall measurements
Step 4: Add 10% to that number to account for any waste

Once you have your number in mind, select the style of baseboard you want to go with, in the height of baseboard you desire, and you’re ready to place your order!

How to Measure an Interior Door

So you’ve made a decision to get some new doors and now you want to place an order. Well before you can get a quote, you will need to measure for the size of the interior door you need for the space. The steps you take to measure the opening and come up with the measurement will be different depending on whether it is for a new space like it would be for new construction, or if it for an existing doorway where you are replacing the door but do not want to alter the size of the doorway.

In this video we breakdown how to measure for a new door:
Step 1: Take a tape measure and measure the width of the opening from left to right
Step 2: Take that number and subtract 2” from that to accommodate for the shims and jambs for the door
Step 3: Take the tape measure and measure the height from bottom to top
Step 4: Take that number and subtract 2.5” from that to accommodate flooring and jambs

Note: please be sure to discuss how you got your measurements with your Riverside rep when placing an order so that they can verify your measurements are correct before the order is placed