Our Most Popular Trim Styles – Which Baseboard You Should Go With

Check Out Riverside’s Top Trim Picks for Your Home

Ever walked into a room and felt it just popped? It’s not always about the big stuff like fancy furniture or expensive large art pieces. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference, playing up that idea of ‘the devil is in the details’. And by details, we mean trim. That’s right, the trim! Riverside Millwork Group knows how much trim can jazz up a place, offering all sorts of trim styles to take any room from meh to WOW! We’ve got everything from sleek modern trims to classic beauties, and we’re diving deep to show you the cream of the crop. Plus, we’ll check out some quality custom home construction from our Timberworx custom collaborations and simpler options like eased one edge that you could pick up right from our showroom. Oh, and we promise there’s even a perfect middle option we’ll highlight.

The Cool Thing About Trim

Think of trim as the frame around your favorite picture. It’s not just about setting limits; it’s about making everything inside look finished. Trim’s job is to outline spaces, cover up any spaces between the window and the wall or the floor to the wall, all while putting the finishing touches on the space’s aesthetics. But with so many choices, where do you even start? Let’s look at some of Riverside Millwork Group’s favorites and what makes them stand out from perhaps the trim you have been living with for all these years.

Eased One Edge: Sleek and Chic

Eased One Edge is all about bringing that cool, clean vibe with just a touch of softness. This trim is perfect for anyone who loves a sleek look but wants something a little softer around the edges. It’s pretty versatile, fitting in nicely whether your place has a more laid-back country feel or you’re all about that urban chic. Just like a favorite pair of jeans that look good with everything, Eased One Edge trim blends in smoothly, adding a neat finishing touch without making a big fuss.

In these project examples, the casing around the window is an Eased OneEdge casing on its own. The image including baseboard showcases an Eased One Edge Baseboard along with a piece of shoe mold to complete the look. The casing used in this project is Contemporary. Showcasing how we can mix and match styles to give us the full look we desire.

eased one edge with e1e shoe mouldEased One Edge Casing

Colonial Trim: Old-School Cool

Colonial trim has a classic charm that doesn’t quit. It’s all about detailed designs and patterns that bring a warm, rich history feel, fitting right in with both old and new homes. We see this style being used again more since the beginning of 2023 as more home decor trended towards mixing more traditional design elements with modern ones for a look that is high end and exudes significant quality.

colonial trimColonial Casing


Contemporary: The Perfect Middle

Not too fancy, not too plain—contemporary trim is the middle-of-the-road champ. It strikes a perfect balance, adding a sleek, modern flair with its clean lines and minimal design. The homeowners like this design for the finished appearance and the added bonus that the design created on an angle so for those pet owners who are constantly clearing dog or cat hair off the baseboard ledges, this one will accumulate less than the thicker ledge of the Eased One Edge design.

Again we should note the example below includes shoemould in addition to a Contemporary baseboard.

Contemporary Casing

Step Trim: Adds a Little Drama

With its levels and layers, step trim brings depth and a bit of shadow play to walls and doorframes, adding a neat architectural twist that’s both bold and subtle. With a few more straight edges in its design than the Colonial trim, this option works well in modern home design to add more details without getting too far from the look the home is intended to have.

step trim

For The Historic Home

Do you have a historic home and need to keep some elements of the home consistent? With our own trim department in our London Mill, we handle many inquiries across Ontario, Canada of general contractors needing to match an exact profile. Luckily between our inventory of over 300 profiles and our ability to create anything custom to match, we are able to help!

Custom trim profiles are like the luxury cars of the trim world—crafted with extra care and fancy materials, they’re all about upscale elegance. On the simpler side, eased one edge trim offers a polished look that’s easy on the wallet but still stylish.

Custom Trim Profile

Trim: It’s All in the Details

Trim’s not just about looking good; it sets the whole mood. The type of material and the trim’s shape can really change up how a room feels, from cozy wood to sturdy, moisture-fighting composites. And whether you’re going for a royal or relaxed vibe, there’s a trim style out there for you.

Author’s Pick: The West End Notched 5” Baseboard

My top pick for baseboard style has got to be the West End Notched 5”. This style is all about keeping things sleek and modern, but still simple enough to fit in anywhere. What makes it stand out is this cool notch detail near the top. It’s a small thing, but it adds a lot of character without making the baseboard too busy or flashy.

Not only does it look great, but it’s also super easy to keep clean. Unlike some fancy baseboards that seem to collect dust like it’s their job, the West End Notched is designed to be low-maintenance. This means you get that sharp, clean look without the extra cleaning hassle.

In a nutshell, if you’re after a baseboard that’s modern, easy to maintain, and doesn’t hoard dust, the West End Notched 5” is the way to go. It’s a straightforward choice for adding a touch of style that feels both fresh and timeless.

West End 5" Baseboard West End 5" Baseboard


Why Bother With Trim?

Ever seen a great painting without a frame? It’s still nice but put the right frame on it, and bam—it’s a knockout. That’s what trim does for your home. It might seem small, but it’s the detail that ties everything together, highlighting the best parts of your space. In short, trim turns a house into your home.


1. Do trim styles really make a room look different?

Yep! Just like a great frame changes a painting, the right trim can totally switch up how a room feels, making it seem bigger, fancier, or more modern.

2. How do I pick the right trim for my place?

Think about your home’s style and the vibe you’re going for. Whether it’s modern, traditional, or something in-between, there’s a trim style that’s just right.

3. Are some trims tougher than others?

Materials like composite trims can be great at fighting off a small amount of moisture, making them perfect for spots like kitchens and bathrooms where things can get damp. While wood species tend to boast more forgiveness over time providing a better barrier to the vacuum slams.

4. Can I mix and match trim styles in my house?

Sure thing! Mixing different trims can add lots of character and depth to your place. Many of the images used in the blog use a shoemould with the baseboard to create the look they desired, or will use a different casing around the windows and doors than the style of the baseboard.

5. How do I keep my trim looking nice?

Keeping trim clean is pretty simple—just dust it now and then, and wipe it down with a damp cloth if it gets dirty. If you’ve got wood trim, Murphy’s Wood Oil makes such a difference if the wood is not painted. If it is painted, along with MDF you might need to touch it up once in a while to keep it looking sharp.

Remember, picking out trim is like choosing the perfect accessory for your outfit—it’s all about adding that special touch that ties everything together. With Riverside Millwork Group’s wide range of popular trim styles, you’re all set to find the perfect match that shows off the home’s personality.