What is Scandinavian Interior Design and How to Embrace Some in Your Next Project

Dive Into Cozy Scandinavian Vibes with Riverside Millwork Group

Do you ever go onto Pinterest or Houzz and see trending aesthetic searches and can’t quite grasp where they are coming from or how to label a certain home appearance? While we don’t have answers for the naming conventions, we decided to start hopping on the trend and today highlight for you the Scandinavian-inspired homes we have been supplying millwork for at the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024.

At its core, the Scandinavian aesthetic is all about simplicity, functionality, and a touch of nature—basically, everything that makes a house feel like a warm, inviting home. This means mixing a lot of colours and materials you would traditionally find in nature. Elements such as stone, wood, and even concrete or rock are frequently used to pull this off. And guess what? We at Riverside Millwork Group are super excited to help you bring this clean and cozy look right into your living space.

Why Go Scandi?

Scandinavian style isn’t just another trend—it’s a lifestyle. Born in the heart of the Nordic countries, it’s all about creating a space that breathes calm and comfort. Picture minimal color schemes, soft, cozy textures, and lots of natural light. But the cherry on top? Everything you choose has its purpose, blending beauty with practicality.

What Riverside Brings to Your Scandi Table

We get why you’re drawn to Scandi design, and we’ve got all the goods to match that vibe:

  • Wood Doors That Wow: Crafted at our very own London Mill, our doors are all about celebrating wood’s natural beauty. They’re simple, they’re elegant, and they’re ready to make your spaces feel brighter and more open.

Custom wood oversized pocket door from our London Mill custom mill doors from our London Mill

  • Trim That Transforms: Looking to keep things sleek yet stunning? Our trim works wonders in framing your rooms with that understated elegance Scandi style is all about. It’s the perfect finishing touch that says, “Hey, I’m sophisticated,” without trying too hard.

  • Custom Just for You: Your home, your rules. Need something tailor-made? Our bespoke millwork options mean if you can dream it, we can do it. Storage solutions, unique pieces, you name it—we’re here to make your Scandi dreams a reality.

The whole idea is to incorporate as much of the natural tones into the home so whether that is beams on the ceiling, a custom wood headboard in the primary bedroom, or just more focus on keeping clean minimal lines with the tones coming from furniture selection. The Scandinavian aesthetic is open to interpretation and can be tweaked to be right just for a single room in the home, to bring daily bouts of serenity to daily life. So whether it’s a single floor you’re working on designs for, or an entire main floor, consider how elements of this design could be the perfect fit for your next project.

wood headboard in primary bedroom custom madehome with modern esthetic living room featuring black doors and shiplap fireplace

Bringing Scandi Home

Choosing the Scandi style with Riverside is more than just updating your decor; it’s about embracing a simpler, more thoughtful way of living. Our doors, trim, and custom pieces are the perfect mix of form, function, and flair, letting you create spaces that are as inviting as they are beautiful.

Whether you’re giving your place a little facelift or starting from scratch, let us at Riverside Millwork Group sprinkle a little Scandi magic into your home. Check out our website or drop us a line to see how we can help bring your vision to life.