2024’s Hottest Interior Door Types

Are you thinking about your upcoming projects for 2024 and wondering what door styles to recommend to keep your project on trend but not ageing out as fast as the trend came in? Well, you’re in luck! We’re here to spill the beans on the hottest interior door trends for 2024 to give you some ideas of what is going to look good for years to come without playing it too safe in the design category.

Note, many of these doors are readily available and some of them have been custom-made by our London-based mill facility. If you have a door in mind, you can contact a Riverside Representative to discuss cost and lead times for your next project.

Make It Your Own: Custom Doors

First things first, we all love things that scream ‘us,’ right? That’s why custom doors are all the rage. Whether it’s sleek French doors, trendy barn doors, elegant Shaker doors, or unique router-carved doors, at Riverside, we’ve got tons of styles. The best part? You get to call the shots on the design. It’s like being a door designer for your own home!

If you have an unlimited budget for your project, consider gathering inspiration online and contacting us to see what is possible. We find new door ideas popping up every month and the team in our Door Department just love getting challenged with a new idea! Now if the budget is a little more constricted, consider how the paint colour of the door can make all the difference. This is one way you can take an otherwise common door and make it truly something unique.

Wood Finished Door Style

Along with the wave of whiter and brighter walls, lighter tones in flooring choices, and nearly every piece of furniture being a degree of neutral, interior designers have been working hard to creatively generate more contrast in the home to bring more warmth into the space. Wood doors are a great solution to this!

Make your home stand out with doors that have their own story, all thanks to the skilled hands at our London Mill. Riverside isn’t just making any doors; we’re crafting special pieces that add a personal touch to your place.  Every door we make, like the ones for Mallard Construction, shows how much we care about making something special and personal. These doors are more than just a way to get in and out; they’re like art, made just the way you want them. Imagine having a door that fits your home perfectly and shows off your style, all made possible by our talented team in London.

custom mill doors from our London MillCustom wood oversized pocket door from our London Mill

When it comes to interior doors, nothing beats the classic appeal of wood. Our Hickory Cheyenne door, for example, is a standout. It’s not just any door; it’s a statement of elegance and timeless style. This door perfectly combines the traditional charm of wood with a modern touch, making it a great fit for any home. We’re seeing these in remodels or custom new builds when they choose cooler tones for the wall paint and flooring. The simplicity of these choices is attractive but without a wood door could possibly leave the space feeling bleak. Enter the choice of a wood door and you have a large piece of your decor to warm the space up. It’s more than just a door – it’s a piece of art that adds character to your space while boasting greater quality and longevity. And don’t worry, we’ve got plenty more where that came from.

hickory cheyenne closet door

Shaker and Barn Door Style 

Barn doors aren’t just for farms, and Shaker doors aren’t just for cabinets in the kitchen. These styles are perfect for adding a bit of zing to your space. The shaker door has been around for so long due to its simple construction, back when we didn’t have the tools and technology to work with what we do today. Now this style remains a popular choice as it boasts classic more traditional design elements and yet can be used in more modern design as well. Meaning the door style wouldn’t provide any restrictions to the other design choices made in the home.

The barn door, similar in construction, is easy to construct over the wall in many scenarios to accommodate many openings, making it a popular choice for decades and now coming back with more intentional design value. Now, while barn doors look great in a shaker style as this barn door here does, it is important to note the options for barn door styles are endless as they can be constructed with any door design we are referencing in this blog.

barn door

French and Moulded Panel Style Doors

Some things never go out of style, and French and Moulded panel doors are definitely in that category. French doors let in loads of light and make rooms feel super spacious, while moulded panel doors add a touch of class to any room. Our range of moulded panel doors, including the Cheyenne, Logan, Lincoln and many more, offers both style and affordability. They’re designed to mimic more expensive stile and rail doors but at a friendlier price point, giving you the look you love without breaking the bank. Plus, these doors are super sturdy and come in a variety of sizes, ensuring they fit perfectly in your home. While historically you may have been exposed to more moulded panel doors that lacked the feel of quality and durability, we promise you a visit to our showroom to show you what a Riverside Moulded Panel Interior Door feels like should change your mind on that.

It’s All in the Details: The Door Hardware

Door hardware might seem like small potatoes, but it can transform a door. So while landing on the right style is the starting point, moving on to what hardware you are going to use on the door is going to have a big impact on the door’s overall style. We’ve got every finish and design you can think of, so don’t hesitate to shop from a range of suppliers we use, and visit one of our showrooms to see them in person.

Alternative Function: Fire-Rated Doors 

More than ever homeowners are looking at options to have in-law suites in their homes. With many focusing on the quality of the space to also boast positive ROI in the future, building safe and legal basement ensuites requires a fire-rated door to be installed between the upper level and the basement dwelling. Now, just because it’s fire-rated doesn’t mean it has to be steel or a flat door slab.  Now the good news – our 20-minute fire-rated doors are now available in any moulded panel door style and the 45-minute can be built with any custom mouldings applied to the outside of the door much like this one in a project of ours shows! That’s right – you can choose from our wide range of panel designs to match your home’s aesthetic while keeping safety front and center.

Wrapping It Up: Your Door, Your Way at Riverside

So there you have it! Whether you’re building something new or sprucing up your space, Riverside Millwork Group is here to help you find doors that fit your style and needs. Come check us out, and let’s make your door dreams come true. Visit us at Riverside Millwork Group and let’s chat about your next door style for your home.