4 Employees Share What They Love Most about Working at Riverside Millwork

We really are like one big happy family.

If you work in sales, you know that things can get discouraging from time to time, even when you’re working your hardest.

While this is simply the nature of all sales jobs, some sales environments are simply more positive, motivating and exciting to work in than others – and Riverside Millwork is one of those places!

Want proof?

Well, we’ve asked four of our team members to tell us a bit about what they do at Riverside, and what they love most about working here. Here’s what they had to say:

Outside Sales:

“Working at Riverside is rewarding on so many levels. While the high earning potential is very gratifying, there’s also an incomparable sense of satisfaction you get with every happy customer. Every sale is the accumulation of the entire team pulling together to give our customers a level of service we’re proud to provide. When a customer steps into one of our amazing showrooms, you can see the excitement on their face. They love being able to see and feel the physical samples of what they’re buying. And that makes our job easy as everything is right there.


I would highly recommend working at Riverside if you take pride in your work, enjoy a challenge, and have the drive to go above and beyond to meet a client’s needs!”


Marketing Specialist:

“At Riverside, it’s like we’re one big family and our sales teams of motivated, positive and friendly individuals are always a pleasure to be around – we always inspire each other to be better!”

Account Foreman:

“I guess being a problem solver is really why I like this job so much. We are the first point of contact for about 50 to maybe even 100 people at any given time. And although it can get pretty challenging sometimes, the feeling of completing a house, a building, a phase or closing out a 200 home site is pretty awesome.”

Scheduling Coordinator:

“Working with customers to create their perfect customized door or trim project is truly fun and rewarding! What I’m responsible for at Riverside is the scheduling. Once an order is measured and submitted by one of our account foreman, we then enter the order into our schedule for production. Special and custom items are then ordered to ensure we have what is needed for time of install. When we see how satisfied our customers are with what we helped them achieve, it’s a great feeling.”

Such wonderful words from our valued employees! And the good news is… we’re looking for more to join the team. Think that could be you?

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