Why Selling Doors and Trim Offers a HIGH Earning Potential

Have you been selling in the right industry?

ATTENTION sales people!!

If you love what you do and you do it well, but – you aren’t necessarily interested in continuing to sell in your current industry, then we owe it to you to let you in on why selling doors and trim is truly an excellent market to get into.

Open the Door to a Higher Earning Potential

The most hungry and driven sales people are the ones who see the best results – but sometimes, these results can hit dispiriting lows despite your hard work and dedication. So why should you, a motivated sales artist, feel stuck in an industry that isn’t garnering the results you deserve? We get it – it can be awfully discouraging, especially with such a commendable work ethic.

But don’t lose all hope – there’s great news! A sales job in the doors and trim market actually offers a much higher earning potential compared to many common sales industries.

This is primarily due to these three reasons:

1. You can work towards an exciting commission cheque (especially at Riverside).

There’s nothing more motivating than a generous commission! Selling doors and trim at Riverside Millwork gives you the opportunity to earn as much as you’re determined to earn. In addition to this benefit, doors and trim are home investment projects – so keep in mind, you’re selling products and services with a larger price tag… meaning your commission cheque has the potential to be all that greater, as well.

2. Customers aren’t necessarily “just browsing”: they’ve been considering a door purchase for a while.

People don’t usually walk into a store selling doors and trim if they aren’t already considering a door/trim replacement. So essentially, you’re dealing with a lot of people who are already sold on a door, but just need your guidance to make the right purchase – leaving it up to your expertise, your creativity and…

3. You have the potential to earn even more with your upselling talents.

With doors and trim, there is a vast range of additional features and add-ons that can be incorporated into a customer’s door/trim project that will make your commission total even grander. Not all industries offer this many unique options for add-ons – and in this business, it’s easy for customers to agree to add features that will make their door and home all the more unique and wonderful.

Interested in Working for Riverside Millwork?

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