Tips for Organizing your Closet

Are you having trouble keeping your closet clean or organized? Or is your closet too full and you don’t where to even start? We have some helpful tips for you!  


·       Putting a built-in hamper in your closet can keep clothes off your floor and keep your closet clean.   

·       Hang all your clothes the opposite direction and when you take them out to wear, hang them back up in the correct direction. After a few months clear out of the clothes that are still hung in the wrong direction. *Keep in mind of seasonal clothes and repeat this a couple times per year* 

·       Move your most worn clothes to the most prime spot of your closet so they are easily accessible.  

·       Use ties or belts frequently? Think about adding a belt or tie rack into your closet so you’re not wasting extra time looking for them 

·       Group ‘like’ things together, ex. T-shirts with T-shirts, this method works well with our storage solution designs.  

·       When cleaning out your clothes, if something doesn’t fit anymore or is damaged, write it down so you know if you need to replace it 

·       Purge wisely, get rid of things you haven’t worn in a while or that ‘doesn’t spark joy’ 

·       Try on the clothes you are unsure about keeping to finally determine if it’s worth hanging on to or if it no longer serves its purpose 

·       Move seasonal items to storage until you need them. This makes room in your closet so it’s not too cluttered 

·       Having shoe racks or fences can help keep everything all together  

·       Along with grouping things together, group clothing by colour so you can locate your clothes easier.  

·       Add drawer dividers in your drawers so things are easily sorted and separated  


Our closet organizers can help you use all these tips with ease! They are built for you so your clothes, accessories and shoes can fit all in the space that you have. You have the option to add things that will make your closet space perfect for you such as shoe racks, built in hampers, tie rack, etc. Our goal is to help deal with the least amount of clutter so that you can focus on the important things in life!