Opportunity is Knocking: 5 Reasons to Work at Riverside Millwork

Driven sales people: listen up!

If you’re an enthusiastic salesperson at heart, but you’re just not satisfied at your current place of work or are ready for a fresh start – then Riverside Millwork Group may be just the perfect place for you.

Below, we’ll talk about 5 key reasons why working at Riverside Millwork could be your next (and best) career move:

1. Healthy work/life balance is important to us.

At Riverside Millwork Group, we believe in the importance of a healthy work/life balance and a flexible work schedule. Our team members deserve to have a say about their preferences. We strive to make sure our employees are always feeling their best and like a true member of the team, so that they can also perform their best.

2. Our commission-based environment = competitive pay.

At a sales job, money is the motive… and you deserve to earn as much as you set your mind to. Selling custom doors and trim at Riverside gives you the opportunity to earn a commission on products of a higher price point, with the potential to up-sell with extra features and add-ons to boost your earning potential even higher. Earn as much as you’re determined to!

3. Our benefits and perks are some of the best.

Who doesn’t appreciate a great employee benefits package as well as other employee perks? Take it from one of our current Waterloo employees who posted this to Glassdoor.com:

“RMG has a great Health & Dental package, along with company RRSP’s (with employer matching). There are also other perks to the job such as: Summer BBQ’s, Monthly Pizza Days, Holiday Party. Riverside tries really hard to improve employee experience through the introduction of relevant benefits. They are always looking for the next best benefit to introduce to their staff.”

Such kind words (and we’re not denying any of it)!

4. You’ll be working with friendly, positive people!

The type of people you work with can make your job all the more enjoyable – or if you’re unlucky, not so enjoyable. Fortunately, Riverside only brings positive and friendly salespeople on board! If you pride yourself in being an awesome employee no matter who you’re working for, then you know that you deserve to be surrounded by like-minded, cool people like yourself. And that’s our sales team in a nutshell.

5. You can actually look forward to coming to work.

One of the key reasons why working at Riverside is so enjoyable is because you get to experience the vicarious excitement that your clients feel when they’ve decided on the perfect door. You’ll have the opportunity to help clients ultimately create their dream home by choosing a door that’s right for them –and playing a key role in this can make for quite a fulfilling or exciting day at work!

Want to join the Riverside Millwork family?

Riverside Millwork Group is looking for driven and enthusiastic salespeople to join our team!Does that sound like you? If that sounds like you, contact us today to inquire.We’d be happy to hear from you.