Enhancing Your Home With Custom Millwork

Millwork is made for homes and buildings and can be decorative, functional or both. It includes trim, cabinetry, crown moulding, wainscoting and much more! Custom millwork is attractive for homes because it adds a personal, handcrafted touch to rooms and spaces.


Crown Moulding: 

Crown moulding is one of the most visible types of millwork, it gives a strong, unique finish to any room. You can choose any style of millwork for your home, the ideas and options are endless. It can be simple to elaborate or subtle to noticeable! You can leave your crown moulding plain or it can be painted to match the room you are enhancing.  


Chair Rails: 

Chair rails typically appear in dining rooms and living rooms and they were originally made to protect walls from damage by chairs. Now, they are generally decorative and add another unique aspect to your room or space. When people walk into a room with decorative chair rails it is almost an instant conversation piece, it is not only unique but adds elegance to a room.


Custom millwork can be matched to any home style and décor. In home renovations, custom millwork can be recreated to match any part of your home, many clients match millwork to an already existing interior door, or to a unique column. Custom millwork is not only aesthetically appealing but it can increase a homes value, this is due to the high quality of custom architectural millwork.


Checkout our website for some trim options https://www.riversidemillwork.ca/trim or contact us with an idea, picture, or design and we can turn that dream into reality!