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Riverside Millwork Group Exterior Door Warranty

Exterior Door Warranty

Nothing sets the tone for a visitor to a fine home like an attractive, high quality entryway. Our doors are still built by hand with a balanced blend of modern and traditional materials. The result is a highly engineered product that can last for decades when properly cared for.

Limited Warranty

Riverside Millwork Group produces doors of the highest quality and warrants – subject to the conditions and limitations outlined herein – that all exterior doors shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from time of installation. If any exterior door manufactured by Riverside Millwork Group fails to conform to this warranty, Riverside Millwork Group will repair or replace the doors. If repair or replacement is not practical, Riverside Millwork Group will refund the purchase price of the doors. This warranty does not cover any other cost such as refinishing, re-hanging, or anything related to the repair, replacement, or refund of the door. Riverside Millwork Group will not be liable for any door repaired or replaced without its prior written consent. The purchaser, upon receipt of the doors, should inspect each component for defects. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of Riverside Millwork Group products.

Warranty Limitations

All Riverside Millwork Group products are guaranteed at the time of shipment. The following items or characteristics are excluded from this warranty:
-Any item that is noted on signed drawings as voiding part or all of the warranty
-Installation by others will exclude from the warranty clearances between door edges and frames as improper installation can alter the clearances
-Modifications made by others to the door on site will void all warranty
-Exterior doors sold unfinished will void all warranty
-Exterior doors installed in locations without adequate overhangs will have all warranty void. Overhangs must extend half as deep as the height of the overhang. For example, a soffit 96” high must have an overhang extension of 48” and a minimum of 36” past each side of the entry.


Size tolerance
Thickness and length of door +/- 1/16”
Width of door +/- 3/16”
Thickness, length, and width of frame +/- ⅛”
Squareness tolerance
Diagonal measurement difference of door +/- ⅛”
Diagonal measurement difference of frame +/- ¼”
Warpage tolerance
Over the plane of the door +/- ¼”. Warpage is measured by placing a straight edge on the concave face and determining the maximum distance from the straight edge to the door face
Hardware Machining
Hinge and lockset +/- 1/32”

Natural Variation

Nature creates but never duplicates, so two pieces of wood, even from the same tree are never exactly alike. Due to the differences in natural colour and grain, each piece of wood will react differently to the finishing materials used. This means that you may notice a slight difference in colour between several pieces. You may also notice variation from your colour selection. In addition, sound knots, slight surface cracks, mineral streaks, and other imperfections are true characteristics of quality wood products and thus these are natural imperfections and not defects.

Finish Imperfections

Riverside Millwork Group finishes all exterior doors to an extremely high-quality standard. However, all coatings will have minor imperfections – painted drywall, wood trim, automotive paints, and furniture finishes. Riverside Millwork Group has a standard for judging finish imperfections. A finish imperfection which is inconspicuous from an inspection distance of 39” from a normal viewing position in typical lighting will not be considered a defect.

Nail Holes

Casing, brickmould, extensions, glass stop, and other trims are installed with brad nails. Riverside Millwork Group makes every effort to conceal and fill all nail holes, but there will be visible nail holes at each nail location. Nail holes will not be considered a defect.

Wood Movement

Your new solid wood door is manufactured from lumber that came from a living, breathing tree. This means that it will still be affected by climate and humidity changes. The pores or cells will continue to take on moisture (expand) and give off moisture (contract). You will see this in 2 areas.

Panel Shrinkage
In the first few seasons after installation, a small line of unfinished wood may appear at the edge of the panel. This is inherent to the floating panel design of the door and not a defect. It means that door was finished with a higher moisture content and the panel now has a lower moisture content and has shrunk slightly. This can be maintained by the customer with the supplied touch up stain. Brush or wipe a very small amount of stain only on the unfinished area of the panel and quickly wipe off any excess with a clean rag. Riverside can also perform this service for a small fee, if requested.
Door Fit
Your door will be properly sized and fitted to allow for moisture changes upon installation. As the moisture content changes, the gaps between the door and the frame will change as the door shrinks and grows. This is inherent to the design of the door and not a defect. Occasionally, a door will gain or lose more moisture than expected due to many factors (ie high humidity in the home, proximity to a large body of water) and get tight or loose in the frame. Settling of the home will also affect the fit of the door over time. With paired doors, any changes will be twice as visible. Riverside Millwork Group will perform one door fitting if required free of charge. We will also fit doors that are out of warranty for a small fee, if requested.


Hardware is warrantied directly through hardware manufacturer. Warranty is limited but will vary depending on manufacturer. Riverside Millwork Group can assist you with contacting the hardware manufacturer.

Maintenance and Care


Regular cleaning of the wood surfaces and hardware can be done with a soft cloth and a light solution of dish soap and water. Avoid rubbing excessively in one spot as you may create a shiny spot on the finish. Glass can be cleaned with Windex.

Finish Maintenance

Your new custom wood entry system has been finished with the most advanced exterior grade of finish product by Renner. This water-based finish is durable and environmentally friendly. All exterior wood finishes will require maintenance throughout their life. Doors which are more exposed to weather and sunlight will require more frequent maintenance. Your finish should be inspected annually for any signs of finish failure.
As soon as you see signs of failure in the finish, it is important to reapply as soon as possible in order to keep it from progressing. If the finish is allowed to degrade too far, recoating will not be possible and the doors will have to be entirely refinished. This is a much more difficult process than recoating and will likely need a professional refinisher.


If the door has been supplied to you prefinished from our factory, it will have been finished with Renner Exterior Topcoat. This product is available for purchase from Walls Alive at 490 Sheldon Drive, Cambridge, Ontario (519-777-7370) or Clancy’s Commercial Wood Coatings at 69 Bessemer Road, London, Ontario (519-668-0770).

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Riverside Millwork Group Exterior Door Warranty