Give your home a facelift with our solid high-grade PVC, not only will it save you time but it will also save you money. It will give your home a seamless look without any worry about deterioration.
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White stile and rail door with casing

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Browse through our selection of PVC exterior finishes. Visit us at one of our showrooms in London or Waterloo or request a quote.

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We have made homes have their own unique look from the day they were built and have given existing homes a fresh new look! View our Gallery to see our previous projects.
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PVC Advantages

We all know that Canada’s weather can take a toll on your exterior in a number of ways, from paint cracking to rotting wood. Our PVC materials have solved this issue by dramatically plummeting your home maintenance uncertainties.

Remodelling Ease

If you are remodeling or building a new home, we highly recommend you look at the advantageous PVC materials. The PVC materials will allow you to finish your home with finely crafted trims and surrounds that are virtually maintenance-free.

Quality Assured

Our Solid High-grade PVC is finely milled using computer-guided state of the art milling machinery, producing end results. Our porch post wraps, gable accents, decorative brackets and louver vents are excellent examples of the superiority of this material for exterior finishes.

Save Time and Money

PVC is an inexpensive and less labour-intensive choice when it comes to repairing exterior damaged wood! The small cost with an upgrade to PVC will be cost-efficient with the elimination of costly repairs associated with wood materials.

Painting PVC

PVC is easily painted using 100% acrylic latex paint with a Light Reflective Value (LRV) greater than 55 units. Use PVC manufacturer-recommended specialty paints such as Sherwin Williams Vinyl Safe in applications where the paint colour has an equivalent LRV less than 55 units. Please consult with your dealer for technical support on painting.
White french double door for an office

REDi BUiLT™ PVC Post Wraps

REDi Built™ PVC Post Wraps are the Choice of Professionals, these assembled column wraps are the perfect solutions for reducing time, materials and labour costs. They are factory assembled in halves to make it easy for on-site installations around already positioned structural supports. This eliminates the potential damage that can occur if posts are installed early in the construction schedule.

TRU-Miter™ Joints

Our unique TRU-Miter™ self-aligning joints are glued together in minutes using the included adhesive without the struggle with awkwardly fitting joints that have to be forced into alignment.

Built to Last

All REDi-BUiLT™ PVC Post Wraps are double glued to ensure strength and integrity. Epoxy adhesive is applied to the factory joint inside each post shaft, making joints significantly stronger and more durable for shipping, handling and on-site installation.

Packaged for Protection

Each post shaft is rigidly packaged with continuous protective corners. The caps and bases are boxed with squaring blocks, adhesive kit, plus installation and finishing instructions.
White french double door for an office