Specialty Millwork

Installation is only offered for complete projects that include baseboard, casing, and doors for all new construction.
Installation is only offered for complete projects that include baseboard, casing, and doors for all new construction.

Specialty Millwork

“Specialty Millwork” encompasses Curved Millwork, Wainscoting, Faux Beams, Wall coverings and so much more! All of our specialty millwork projects are highly custom and are designed for your home's specific requirements. Custom millwork leaves homeowners and guests an unforgettable impression of a home. Bring us your ideas and we will make it a reality.
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Custom wooden entry door

Wood Mouldings

Wood mouldings are produced using sophisticated software and machinery, requiring expertise in design and engineering. We carefully monitor consumer markets to ensure we optimize production with the most popular profiles in the most desired wood species. We incorporate both standard profiles, as well as the latest interior decor trends into our inventory, allowing us to offer competitive pricing on beautifully crafted materials. Beyond stock profiles lies the unbounded world ofmoulding profile possibilities!

We are capable of producing virtually any style of wood moulding imaginable. Perhaps more common than imagining a new profile, our customers often come to us in search of the past -interested in replicating mouldings as part of an older home restoration or renovation. Though the milling craft has changed somewhat since the last century, our replications can blend seamlessly with the grandeur of your historic mouldings allowing you to honour the unique character of your home.

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Your home is meant to be unique, get inspired! Beautify your home with custom specialty millwork. Contact us so we can turn your dream millwork into reality.

Our Milling Process

The Profile
A profile is the milled (cut) visible surface of the finished material, which becomes part of the decor in your home. We have hundreds of existing profiles in our profile library. We can design a new profile by scanning a sample of material, an outline or sketch, and creating a dimensional drawing in AutoCAD.
The Template
Using the AutoCAD drawing, we create a program for our CNC router to carve the profile into a piece of cast acrylic (plastic), creating a template. For replications, the original moulding is tested against the template to ensure a match.
The Knife
Using the template, a steel plate is machined to create the profile knife. The knife is inserted into a head that is placed into a machine called a moulder, ready for production.
The Finished Product
Raw lumber is ripped (cut lengthwise) to dimensions slightly larger than the finished moulding to minimize waste during production. Rip off cuts are used to make smaller mouldings. The ripped lumber is fed through the moulder where the knife head rotates at high speeds carving the profile into the wood.