Interior Doors

Interior doors are essential to dividing a space and providing privacy and reducing noise between rooms. Choosing the right one can truly enhance the decor and tone of a room. We provide standard and custom interior doors with sound reducing options to fit any space.
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White stile and rail door with casing

Standard doors

We carry a full line of interior doors in standard sizes to suit most preferences and spaces. Many of our doors include both hollow and sound proof options. Contact us to get a quote or visit one of our showrooms to see our selection in person.

Custom Doors

We pride ourselves on manufacturing our own solid wood doors with countless designs and species of wood to choose from at the highest level of quality and precision.

In the case that you don't find the perfect standard door, we can custom manufacture your doors in any style and species of wood available.
Any width and height
Sound Reducing
Pre-machining for door hardware
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White french double door for an office

How its made

Get a glimpse into how we manufacture custom wood doors at out facility in London, Ontario.