5 Mudroom Essentials: Must-Have Items for an Organized Space

Having an organized and functional mudroom can transform the entryway of your home into a practical space. At Riverside we understand the importance of a space that is organized and functional for you or your busy family. Here are 5 must have mud room essentials to keep your mud room tidy:

Add a Storage Bench!

A bench with built-in storage provides you with a comfortable place to sit while putting on and taking off your shoes. At Riverside our storage benches can be made with built-in storage options underneath the seats. This additional storage space can be used for shoes, bags, sports equipment, and other items that need to be kept handy but out of sight.

By having a designated spot to sit and store items it prevents shoes and bags from being strewn round the floor, making the space more orderly and easier to clean. A storage bench can also serve multiple purposes beyond just seating and storage. It can also act as a resting place for groceries, mail, or packages brought into the house. A well-chosen bench can enhance the overall look of a mudroom making the space feel more welcoming being an important design element for the room. Having a bench in your mudroom encourages family members to sit down and remove their shoes, which helps keep dirt and mud from being tracked into the rest of the house, this simple addition can contribute to a significantly tidier home.



Use Some Hooks and Racks!

Hooks and Racks are a must-have in any mudroom. Hooks and racks maximize the use of vertical space, which is often unutilized. This frees up floor space, making your mudroom less cluttered. They provide a designated space for hanging coats, hats, scarves, bags, and other accessories. This helps keep the mudroom organized and ensure items are kept off the floor and easy to find. Using hooks and racks is a crucial part of your mudroom because they can optimize space, enhance organization, improve accessibility, and contribute to a clean and functional entryway.

Create Some Shoe Storage!

Good shoe storage is essential to prevent dirt from spreading throughout your home. Without adequate shoes storage your space can become cluttered and disorganized, potentially creating tripping hazards for people traveling to and from the room. At Riverside we understand the need for shoe organization, that is why we offer functional and elegant mudroom cubbies and drawers. Drawers can add an additional layer of storage and can be an easy place to tuck your shoes out of sight yet within reach. We can craft custom solutions that blend into your home’s design and cater to your family’s storage needs. By incorporating adequate shoes storage, your mudroom can fulfill its role as a practical transition space between the outdoors and interior of your home.

Must Have Shelving Units!

Shelving units are another versatile solution for your mudroom, they add yet another form of organization for your space allowing your mudroom to store more items without the clutter. Shelving units can maximize your space by adding vertical storage, making use of limited space, and keeping items off the floor. At Riverside we cater shelving units to your needs by customizing and adjusting  size, and height, offering a solution for your diverse needs. Tuck seasonal items away and keep your children’s school bags out of sight, shelving units have so many organizational use options.

Utilize Vertical Space With Wall-Mounted Organizers!

The fifth and final mudroom essential is wall-mounted organizers. Wall mounted organizers are perfect for utilizing vertical space and freeing up the floor. Having wall mounted storage helps keep items like coats, hats, and bags easily accessible, reducing clutter and improving overall orderliness. Our wall-mounted storage solutions are designed to complement your mudroom’s decor, creating a welcoming and organized space. Wall mounted storage optimizes space and is yet another functional mud room essential.

Wrapping It Up: Your Mud Room, Your Way At Riverside

Thinking about re-doing your mudroom? Riverside Millwork Group has everything you need to create your dream space. Click here or visit our website and check out our custom mudroom options. Contact us today for a quote!