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Installation is only offered for complete projects that include baseboard, casing, and doors for all new construction.
Installation is only offered for complete projects that include baseboard, casing, and doors for all new construction.

Enhancing your Home with Custom Millwork

Millwork is made for homes and buildings and can be both decorative and functional. The term millwork encompasses trim around windows and doors, baseboards, ceiling details, shiplap, cabinetry, crown moulding, wainscoting and much more! More custom millwork is attractive for homes because it adds a personal, handcrafted touch to rooms and spaces. At Riverside Millwork Group, we offer standard commodity trim options, but we are also able to accommodate custom trim and millwork. More commodity orders come in MDF and Poplar while more custom orders are typically done in a variety of woods types from Poplar to Oak.

In this blog we will outline Crown Moulding and Wainscoting, two types of millwork you can feature in your home to enhance the style and design to create a unique, homey environment that you can feel comfortable in and proud to showoff.  

Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is one of the most visible types of millwork, it gives a strong, unique finish to any room. Crown Moulding is the trim profile that is installed where the wall meets the ceiling. This can be typically found in older homes and as of late getting brought back into newer homes as a way to help increase the perceived height of the ceiling by creating an end point where the wall meets the ceiling. Below are some crown moulding profiles that we love!

This is a photo of a custom crown moulding profile that was created in an older farmhouse. This homeowner wanted to keep the unique charm throughout the house but still needed to update the old trim.

Crown moulding can make your space appear larger, it gives the illusion of tall ceilings. In this example the homeowner has gone with a modern style of trim to work with their blend of contemporary and traditional design in their new home.

In the images above, the crown moulding truly stands out and makes a significant impact on this space especially against the dark, bold wall colour.

We are always open to creating a custom crown moulding profile, so if you don’t see something that you fall in love with in this blog, or on our website, bring us a photo or a sample of something you absolutely love so we can help turn your dream into a reality!

Chair Rail & Wainscoting

Chair rails typically appear in dining rooms and living rooms and they were originally made to protect walls from damage by chairs hitting them. Now, they are generally decorative and add another unique aspect to your room or space. When people walk into a room with decorative chair rails it is almost an instant conversation piece, it is not only unique but adds elegance to a room.

Chair rail is the trim profile that you see at the very top of the wainscoting, the piece that separates the wainscoting from the wall. It is often seen that wainscoting is painted white and the wall is painted a different colour to add some contrast. In the images below you will be able to differentiate the wainscoting and the chair rail.

Wainscoting is the paneling that is installed below the chair rail moulding and covers the entire lower portion of the wall. The wainscoting is typically the portion that is painted white.

In the image above you can see the chair rail is the moulding that is installed between the wa­ll and the lower paneling. This wainscoting is completely custom and matches the unique millwork in this home, keep scrolling to see more photos of this stunning millwork installed in this unique home!

The combination of wainscoting and crown moulding is the perfect combination! The millwork only enhances the style and appearance of the space. Without having to rely on art of furniture which can age at a much faster pace than millwork accents in the home.

Here is another example of the perfect combination of crown moulding and wainscoting. In this soon to be decorated large dining room off the main entrance of the home.

Wainscoting adds a unique elegance to this space featuring a beautiful classic grand piano. It has always been a traditional style of millwork and is also becoming very popular in new home builds and home renovations.

Now, when we say it is often seen wainscoting painted white against a different colour wall to add contrast, this isn’t always the case. We have seen spaces the opposite, so whatever your design style is, we are all for it and are always excited to see the finished product!

This board and batten installed in this dining room at one of the model homes by Gemini Homes is beautiful. This design is a little different from the other photos as the board and batten is painted a neutral colour while the wall above it is painted white. The opposite of what we often see, but gives off the same unique impact. 

Custom millwork is not only aesthetically appealing, but it can increase a homes value, this is due to the high quality of custom architectural millwork. Or you may have a century old home that you decide you want to get new and improved trim and millwork, although you want to keep the same profile and charm to your house. Look no further, Riverside Millwork Group can help you completely match your century old trim and millwork for your home.

To learn more about custom matching trim, visit our blog Keep the Charm in your Home with Custom Trim or visit one of our 3 showrooms across southwestern Ontario to learn more.

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